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Custom Landscape Design Fort Worth TX

Landscape Design Contractor

N & H Premier Builders has had the opportunity to create some of the most breathtaking custom landscape designs for some of the most discerning clients.  When it comes to custom landscape designs and implementation we are one of the top landscapers in Fort Worth TX and surrounding areas.  This is no surprise because we’ve enlisted some of the most talented experts in the field of landscaping.  Much of our success comes for our experience but also from our ability to maintain a very open correspondence with our clients.  It’s very much the key to any project’s success.  We’ve developed not only a professional approach to communication but also a very human approach.  Meaning we have a very positive and healthy attitude regarding the expectations of our client’s design goals, for their custom landscape projects.  We’re also a great team to work with because we truly love what we do.  Again, that’s because we’ve assembled some of the best talent money can buy, and let’s face it, top professionals love working with other top professionals.  We are true craftsmen getting the opportunity to create works of art.  Simply put, we are helping to take a client’s years of landscaping dreams, and turning them into a reality.  What could be more rewarding than that for both the client and us?  Imagine having a personal project manager/designer helping you to transform your home into a new beautiful space, designed for living, for family and friends, entertaining and making lasting memories.  Low maintenance landscapes are key to enjoyment and are stunning to look at.  You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood, while still maintaining a water conscious custom landscape that will save you thousands on your water bill.


As a leading landscape designer in Fort Worth TX, we truly go above and beyond to ensure a top level engineered landscape design and installation.  We want this to be a fun and exciting experience for you and your family.  We know that in many cases this a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a space you’ve always dreamed of, or that fact that this is a space you’ve built (in your mind) over the years.  One of our tasks to accurately extract these ideas and desires and make them a reality.  In many cases we have clients with some ideas but not a complete picture of what they may want to have for their space.  Not to worry, we have a secret weapon.  That and the fact that we are experts at helping to develop your ideas by advising on some tried and true landscaping options.  To ensure success we have  a very unique process (secret weapon) in that you get to  see the actual layout in a 3D virtual design walk-through!  This 3D visual model gives you a complete picture of how your new custom landscape design will look like. 


Maintaining Landscape Design


Depending on the approach of your custom landscape design there is one aspect that is sure to create low maintenance.  Hardscapes and water fixtures are some of the easiest maintained.  That’s because they don’t need any pruning or additional watering.  That said we can make sure each type of landscape requires the best water savings for optimal efficiency.  Meaning, we will place all necessary watering (i.e. hoses, piping, sloping, water timers, etc) to help reduce any monthly maintenance cost. Then we will walk you through the process of how to maintain your landscape investment.  Once our customers realize just how easy it is to care for their custom landscape design, many often wish they had done it years earlier.


Add Value to Your Home


We know that adding a luxury landscape to your home property can add a lot of value to your home.  One of our goals is to install a well designed landscape and structures that will last for generations.  We know that this type of quality work will increase the value of your property.  We’ve seen homes we’ve designed landscapes for sell for top dollar.  Whether you are looking for a lasting space for you, your family and friends, or if you are looking to increase your home’s sale value, you’ve come to the right place.  Please contact us today to get an estimate on your custom landscape design ideas and ask us about our 3D Rendering for your project.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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